Charlotte Olympia Noëlle boots

Charlotte Olympia Noëlle boots


If there is a fashion heaven, this is it.

Remember those old-fashioned leather ice skates that looked like Victorian ankle boots? When I was a child, I went ice skating in them and always told my mum I wanted to have actual boots that looked just like them. Of course, that never happened, so imagine my glee when I found this pair of Noëlle boots by Charlotte Olympia. I actually cannot possibly fathom a more perfect pair of shoes. Unfortunately, they are not my size, so may they find a happy home!

These shoes in fact came out as a limited edition and originally cost £1195. They are in perfect condition and have never been worn, plus they come in the original box with two dustbags and a special edition card, so this is a total steal.

The boots were made in Italy from white leather with rabbit fur trim. Such a luxurious and special item – if you are a size 4, honestly, what are you waiting for!

Material: leather with rabbit fur trim. Size 4 UK.  Heel height 14cm with 3cm plateau.

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