Hi, I'm Desiree, welcome to my fashion and beauty blog! I'm so glad you're stopping by because this is a place where all my passions come together – writing, photography, make-up and, above all, fashion.

Just get dressed is a style diary where I showcase and write about my favourite trends and outfits.

It's quite ironic that just get dressed even exists because, well, most days I actually don't get dressed. As a translator and copywriter, I don't actually have to go to an office, and a home office like the one I've set up doesn't have a dress code – it's only the cat and me, after all!

However, I have always been crazy about fashion. I love putting outfits together and wearing beautiful clothes, and I subscribe to all the fashion magazines you could think off. As I was getting more and more frustrated with my dressing gown look, I decided enough was enough: I set up this blog as an incentive to actually get dressed and capture all the gorgeous clothes in my wardrobe in a personal fashion diary.

Just documenting my outfits wasn't enough for me though; I also wanted to share my looks with others (YOU!) and provide some inspiration on how to wear current trends or hip items. I actually work as a fashion copywriter, but I obviously don't have complete creative freedom when writing for other brands.

This blog is a platform where I can put my own spin on things – and hopefully inspire you in the process.

So, that's it! Take a look around, leave me a comment and get inspired. If you like what you see, make sure to sign up below in order to receive notifications about new blog posts. If you'd like to get in touch, send me an email at desiree@justgetdressed.com – I'd love to hear from you. Meanwhile, I will continue my quest for hot new fashion so I can just get dressed!