Hi, I'm Desiree and I have decided to JUST GET DRESSED.

I used to think that blogging is what other people do – you know, the cool kids that are always impeccably styled and never have hair stuck to their lipgloss. 

I, too, yearned to express my love for fashion through a personal style blog, but the world of slick photographs, designer looks and a too-good-to-be-true Instagram life seemed further away than the moon.

But one day, it suddenly struck me: what if I started a fashion blog that would not only show the glamorous "after"– carefully curated looks styled to perfection – but also the mundane, ordinary, refreshingly normcore "before"? As a freelancer, I often don't even get dressed properly and most days don't bother with make up, so why not show that facet of me, as well?

Thus, I made a plan. I decided to give into my urge to play dress-up, slap some lipstick on and document it for the world to see – but not without a dash of real life. Yes, I want to be a blogger, but not to the detriment of reality. I want to have a blog that depicts the unmasked as well as the polished, which means that most looks will be preceded by a photo of how I actually looked that morning (yes, I really wore that hideous T-shirt to bed).

So this right there is the inspiration for my blog: in a world where there is so much digitally altered, enhanced and preened stuff floating about, I felt that a peak behind the curtains, so to speak, might be a breath of fresh air. Plus, I figured that keeping a sort of style diary would be a great motivation to make an effort and not just work in my dressing gown, but to actually just get dressed.