Funky leggings day

You gotta love a pair of funky leggings. I think these are actually meant to be worn when exercising, but they make me really happy so I think they deserve the occasional outing on the street. I bought this pair on eBay for next to nothing. Believe it or not, I actually typed "funky leggings" into the search bar – try it, you'll find hundreds of cool designs (I can't take credit for this one, a friend actually got me onto these because she always wears the coolest leggings for her workouts). I paired them with black hi-tops from Aldo, a plain black dress with racer back from ASOS and a pleather jacket from River Island. I am also currently in love with this long necklace from Accessorize – you'll see it in a few more photos because I can't seem to take it off! 

Again, I couldn't resist matching my lipstick to my outfit. This one is "Show Orchid Amplified" by MAC. One could think they are sponsoring me since I keep wearing their products in my photos, but I just genuinely love them, they got the brightest colours.

This, by the way, is how the day started:

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