The childhood favourites you'll love


Dungareees by ASOS, grey top by River Island, sunglasses by Topshop

Life is serious enough sometimes, so why not have a bit of fun – that's definitely been my motto recently. Case in point: I remembered how much I like dancing and thus have started to alternate "serious" workouts with one hour of silly, full-on dancing (alone!) to my favourite tunes (the people working in the building opposite must be wondering why I close the curtains midday and open them again shortly after, looking rather sweaty).

Continuing this fun theme, I have started to experiment with a few childhood favourites. Of course, dungarees have been a big trend now for quite a while, and after wearing lots of dungaree dresses last year, I have now moved on to the proper trouser style. Admittedly, it gives off a strong whiff of cartoon characters and five-year-olds, but is there a problem with that? I don't think so – after all, I am not wearing mine with chocolate smeared over my face and a lollipop in hand, but with grown-up heels and mirrored sunglasses (available here).

Plus, now that I have opened the treasure chest of childhood favourites, I suddenly crave so many more of them: first of all, there is the modest Alice band - sadly, these are always incredibly uncomfortable to wear after a short while, but I'll grin and bear it because it looks so cute! I recently found a beautiful one with a swan pattern at Anthropology, see it here).

Next up is the funky nail polish: you know, not just one colour but 10! Just put on a different shade on each nail. I promise you, it brightens up your day immediately and puts you in such a good mood. And to make this nail design stand out, you can pair it with another childhood classic, the stripy top (my older sister has two young girls and they have countless stripy T-shirts by Petit Bateau in their wardrobe, as did I when I was six!).

I admit it, there is a thin line between looking cool and looking like a child, but there's an easy solution to this: just accessorise with a very non-childish colourful cocktail and stay clear of playgrounds.



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