Why fashion inspiration can be found everywhere


If you read my last post, you remember that it was all about "character dressing". Well, I did it again - and this time it was Faye Dunaway who got me all fired up. As I was perusing my copy of Marie Claire magazine last week, I read an article about this legendary actress which contained images of her in her 60s heyday.

The Sixties are not usually a decade I fall back on stylewise because I am naturally more drawn to glamourous, über-feminine looks from the 40s and 50s. Well, guess what: sometimes you have to mix it up. If you had told me last week that I would suddenly crave a Jackie Kennedy hairband and mod-like matte lipstick in baby pink, I would have been less than convinced. However, seeing Faye Dunaway with fluttery lashes and doll-like white eyeshadow planted a seed in my brain and made me look at pictures of 60s icon Sophia Loren. What came out of it? A 60s inspired make-up with dramatic black eyeliner, coupled with false lashes and lips in flamingo pink.

Have you ever heard the saying "When the teacher is ready, the student will appear"? Well, I experienced something quite similar in a fashion sense. As soon as I had decided to go for this make-up look, I remembered that I had these rather pleasant-looking Mary Jane heels by River Island (arguably their finest creative offspring) in my cupboard. I had never quite found the right occasion to wear them, but aren't they just perfect for this ensemble! In the same way, this black velvet mini dress was suddenly the ideal choice, having just limply hung in my wardrobe for a few weeks. I found it the other day at a car boot sale, not knowing yet that it would be the ideal choice for my 60s look. I can only wager a guess but I would imagine that this is something Twiggy would have worn – she was the queen of micro skirts, after all. 

And since no 60s look is complete without a wide hairband, I added a makeshift one (devoid of other options) which is actually a wide grosgrain ribbon I bought for sewing. Because the ribbon was too long, I tied it into a neat little bow at the back - quite a nice little surprise when turning your back to your fellow dinner guests to powder your nose after the prawn cocktail (getting carried away here! Watched way too much Mad Men with their fancy dinners and cocktail parties. But have you seen Megan Draper...the epitome of sultry 60s style!).

So, what's my point? It is this: You don't have to wear the same thing every day just because you're stuck for inspiration. Keep your eyes peeled for someone whose style you admire and let it influence your own outfit choices. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a person - maybe that doily under your strawberry tartlet the other day suddenly made you really, really want to wear a lace dress, or that campari cocktail you ordered reminded you that you haven't worn red in a while. I for one am going back to my Marie Claire magazine now - who knows what other inspiration awaits. You'll read it in my next post for sure!

PS:I will actually film a tutorial on how to create this make-up, as I am planning to expand this blog by adding beauty videos. In fact, you would already be watching it had I not been fighting with my camera focus settings – it's the only thing currently keeping me from bombarding you with tutorials galore! 

What I wore: black velvet dress by Goldie London, heels by River Island.



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