Can anyone wear pink?


The colour pink doesn't have a great reputation. For some, it symbolises a kitsch Barbie look (think Paris Hilton circa 2000) that no-one can take quite seriously; for others, it conjures up images of little girls' toys and feels way to junior.

However, it is absolutely possible to circumnavigate the cheesy kind of pink and to achieve a look that is appropriate for grown-up women, as well (unless you are into the sugar sweet Elle Woods look, of course!). The trick: choose simple cuts and high-quality materials and go for a slightly slouchier fit which makes for an elegant aesthetic.

Here are some suggestions for pink outfits that don't make you look like a toddler:

Pair pink with red

For some, wearing these two colours together = fashion napalm. I beg to differ – if you choose the right shades, this combination can be extremely satisfying. In the picture below, I paired a bright pink coat (available here) with a velvet dress by Asos in a rich ruby colour. The result is something much more enthralling than jeans with a black jumper, don't you think? Another fabulous marriage is a light pink outfit with bright red lipstick.

Stand out with rose gold

When talking about colour combinations, a special mention must go to rose gold accessories. They are the perfect partner for lighter pink tones, e.g. a dusty rose-petal colour. If worn together, these two shades really compliment each other and elevate your look. Try a light pink dress with rose gold jewellery or a metallic bag.

Fuchsia haze

If you prefer a less understated look, there's always fuchsia. This colour is not for the fainthearted, but brings a bit of Caribbean flavour into your day. Surely you have noticed that the 80s are coming back (again!), so why not emulate an 80s pop star and make your fuchsia item really pop by contrasting it with black accessories? This is a surefire way to avoid the fairytale princess vibe. Instead, it comes across as powerful and strong, which is a look that suits any woman.

Pink business

Lastly, the million-dollar question: can you wear pink to the office? But of course! For a really modern aesthetic, get yourself a pair of tailored pink trousers. If you can, spend a bit more on this one, as the fit and fabric quality really matter. Since spring is coming, choose a cropped style and wear with heels and a silky top.

So, can everyone wear pink?

In principle, yes. Just make sure that the pink undertones suit your skin colour: generally speaking, darker skin can pull off rich, vibrant colours, whereas fairer skin looks particularly beautiful next to blush, nude shades. A great rule of thumb: If you normally wear silver jewellery, choose a colder shade of pink; if your skin tone looks best with gold jewellery, choose a warmer pink.

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