Head over heels in love with over knees

 Boots: Dune, skirt: adidas, top: Kenzo.

Boots: Dune, skirt: adidas, top: Kenzo.

Remember Julia Roberts and her legendary outfit in Pretty Woman? The stiletto heeled patent leather boots that ended somewhere mid-thigh?

Now, I realize that the whole point of the movie was that the prostitute Vivian gets a makeover and only has covetable style AFTER she clears out a fancy shop on the rodeo drive. However, I am happy to admit that I am secretly mad about her shiny over knee boots. They are so 80s, so PVC-tastic and so unapologetically slutty that I cannot help but love them, and I’m not afraid to say it!

The leather boots in the picture above are a recent find from a car boot sale. When I came across them, I got completely inspired to dedicate a whole blog post to thigh-high boots. Honestly, don’t knock it before you try it. Even though they can have a whiff of after-hours entertainment about them, they are actually surprisingly versatile. And if you go for a flat style in a plain colour, they even work in the office.

So, which variation should you opt for? If you want to be on trend, you should choose one of the now ubiquitous sock boots: they are made from thin material and fit like a second skin. Ideally, they have a high stiletto heel and are made from a material with nap such as suede or chenille. A great alternative are sock boots in crazy bold colours such as neon yellow or acid pink. I can hear my mum saying “But where would you ever wear those”. Well, I might not wear a pair of fire hydrant red over knees to the supermarket, but they certainly have their place at a cool party or on an evening out, don’t you think?

Another really big deal at the moment are very ornate embellished boots made from precious materials such as brocade. If you are opting for this look, choose an embroidered or printed pair with large-scale floral or leaf patterns.

If you have read a few articles of mine, you will know that I simply cannot say no to Victorian inspired clothing. The same goes for shoes: just looking at a delicately laced boot makes my heart flutter. Lucky, then, that this season there is an abundance of knee boots channelling this aesthetic. This kind of footwear will definitely get you a few dodgy looks but just keep your head held high and know that you are the coolest gal in town.

Admittedly though, you might not want to be the centre of attention every day (or just generally prefer a more minimal look). In that case, go for thigh high boots without heel (like my Dune pair in the picture) or a biker style. These are really neutral and look especially great paired with a short hemline and a tailored jacket or blazer.

If you need some more inspiration, check out the selection of boots below. I'm sure you agree that this long-forgotten style is having a moment!



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