Going for the back cleavage

Okay, so it's Saturday night and you want to wear something sexy. I feel like there are two roads to take – let me illustrate this with a food metaphor (why not!). Just think of a big fat ice cream sundae. It's all out there: mountains of ice cream, juicy fruits, airy whipped cream and sprinkles on top. A delicious, self-advertising dessert that wants to be eaten THIS MINUTE.

Now, think of a humble chocolate fondant. It comes in a plain, streamlined shape without any superfluous decor – no sauce, toppings or garnish. It looks nice, but you don't have to devour it the moment you see it. Then, however, you crack it open with your spoon and find a delectable molten chocolate sauce pouring out – a surprise add-on that makes this desert suddenly quite sinful.


I think you know what I'm getting at here. On some days, you want to wear the sartorial equivalent of an unapologetic ice cream sundae: a reaaaally low-cut top or a bright red short dress. You know, the "Look at me, I am a woman" kind of style. On other days, you want to transform yourself into a teasing chocolate fondant: plain at first sight, but just you wait until you see the "ooh la la" chocolate lava surprise oozing out! I find that one of the nicest "chocolate fondant" outfits is the backless dress. Why? Because it has all the elements you want: a plain front but a beautiful seductive surprise at the back, which is not visible at first when you are entering a place. Wouldn't it be exciting to arrive at a special occasion with a jacket on, just to go to the ladies room midway through your drinks or dinner, take your jacket off and reveal a tasty "back cleavage"?

If you agree with me, you must get this beautiful dress by Religion, see photo. It was given to me as a present by a lovely generous friend and I don't really want to take it off ever again. Admittedly, it's one of those bra dilemma outfits, especially if you have a larger bust, but luckily there are quite a few great solutions out there – just get yourself some gel petals or an adhesive bra. Or heck, just go without! This is Saturday night, after all.

What I wore: dress by Religion, shoes by River Island.






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