Wide-legged trousers? Give it to me!

For many years, I never actually wore any trousers, believe it or not - I was only ever seen in skirts and dresses and once actually had to buy a pair of jeans for a job uniform since I didn't own any!

Then the whole skinny jeans thing happened, and I updated my wardrobe with some pretty figure-hugging styles that have saved many a wardrobe dilemmas.

Recently though, skinny jeans don't seem so fresh to me any more. Don't get me wrong, they will certainly still make a regular appearance (in fact, I just bought a second-hand pair in pink!), but I have been craving something different. Hence I threw on this little gem: a pair of simple wide-legged trousers by H&M. I paired them with black brogues from ASOS to give it all a bit of masculine oomph. For some romance, I finished the outfit with this flirty striped tee from French Connection (again, PINK! Do you see a pattern emerging?). If you want to emulate the look, you can shop the T-shirt here.

DSC_0340 (3).JPG

The best bit: a fat layer of frosted pink lipstick. This one is "Tulip" by MUA. I chose the shade because it matches the T-shirt colour perfectly and because it reminds me of 50s housewife make up - in a good way.

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