Ruffle love

DSC_0124 (2)-001.JPG

To be honest, ruffles are not usually on my fashion radar – they conjure up images of Interview with the Vampire and Little House on the Prairie. However, just like platform shoes and chokers, things that you used to hate can grow on you quite unexpectedly. I suppose that's the power of images - after seeing it in all the magazines, I suddenly want in on the action, too!

OK, so I have decided that I suddenly love ruffles - but how to wear them? I definitely want to avoid the 80s prom dress look and am instead on the lookout for ruffled sweaters, feminine coats or slinky blouses. These are the flouncy key pieces I'll put on my wish list:

Tops and sweaters with ruffle trim

I have noticed many highstreet chains giving plain T-shirts and sweaters a ruffle makeover, elevating these wardrobe staples by decorating them with singular rows of ruffles, often in a V-shape at the front. For the look below (T-shirt by H&M), I combined a ruffled jersey T-shirt with a high-waisted velvet skirt and chunky ankle boots for subtle flounce.

Top with ruffled sleeves

This is my absolute favourite this season, and I have seen the style hitting pretty much every shop already. I particularly love boxy tops with wide, voluminous ruffled sleeves that skim the arms, they look so chic and feminine. I will pair mine with loose-fitting culottes and smart sneakers during the day or elegant black cigarette pants at night. Of course, ruffled sleeves are not limited to tops only – I have also seen them on dresses and coats. I think these styles look especially current when the ruffles are attached below the elbow.

Skirts with large-scale ruffles

I don’t think I will ever get tired of a goth-inspired look, which is why skirts with large-scale ruffles really appeal to me. I am planning to get one in black and pair it with a Victorian style blouse or a shoulder free black top and some platform boots. This is not a light look, but the heaviness of the large ruffles is what makes this so seductive and cool - a kind of "flamenco dancer gone dark" look. For evening, I'll add a slick of deep purple lipstick for a 90s goth vibe.

Ruffled blouses in pastel colours

Once I am bored of all this sombre stuff, I might also get one of the gorgeous new ruffled blouses in dusty pink, sky blue or light turquoise, made out of sheer and light fabrics like chiffon. I can't wait to pair those with a nice bralet underneath, finishing the outfit with a black leather skirt and some dainty jewelry… so fresh.