Crushing on velvet

It's hard to imagine that there was actually a time (quite recently!) when velvet wasn't A BIG DEAL. Well, that was before all the high street shops were inundated with it. I have to say, I love velvet quite a lot, and especially these funky Topshop boots (see image) I found on eBay. If you wanna do velvet, I would go for one of these options:

Velvet platform sandals or ankle boots

I think velvet in footwear works exceptionally well: the plush texture looks wonderfully decadent when paired with leather and partners up well with chunky heels. My latest favourites are platform sandals covered in jewel-coloured velvet, or vertiginous ankle boots with Victorian style lacing and a serious Goth attitude.


Velvet combined with sheer panels

I've been especially inspired by garments that combine velvet with sheer mesh or panels as it makes for a striking contrast, like a velvet dress or top with transparent panels or sleeves.

Velvet activewear/swimwear

This is where things get really crazy. Last season, I noticed that velvet went down a rather unusual route and suddenly found itself used in activewear and even swimwear. Quite an unorthodox approach, but I am digging it!

Velvet choker in pastel colours

If you were born in the 80s too, it's highly likely that you were once a proud owner of a flimsy plastic choker that looked just like a bad tattoo. I certainly wore one of them when I was a teenager and have filed it under fashion crimes never to be spoken off again. It is therefore much to my surprise that I am suddenly crushing on a slim choker which looks suspiciously retro. But how could you resist if this choker is made from plush velvet! I wanna get one in candyfloss pink, but pastel blue will do just fine, too.

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