Cocktail hour for the puffa jacket

Fashion is funny, isn't it? I first wore this kind of jacket when I was about eight, trying not to break my legs during my skiing course in the Austrian Alps. I absolutely would not call myself a very trendsetting child, it was just the kind of jacket you wore then – because it was warm.

I thought that was the end of the love story for me and the puffa jacket. I have worn all sorts of other coat models throughout the years – parkas, pea coats, masculine coats, A-line coats... you name it, but never again a puffa jacket. I always knew that they keep you nice and warm, I just didn't find them particularly trendy – until I started seeing puffa jackets and coats in every fashion magazine and shop recently. And what do you know: after being exposed to hundreds of down-filled, padded styles in the last weeks, I don't find them as boring anymore; quite the opposite, I suddenly even want to wear one! It's odd how this happens over and over again (just think of platform shoes or those really trashy tattoo-style chokers – no-one in their right mind would have bet on those to come back).


Anyway, it's happened and I am not going to resist it. Plus, it's cold outside, and these jackets really do give extra warmth. This black style is great because it goes with everything. For this look, I paired it with a completely over-the-top pink cocktail dress with thousands of sparkly sequins, which I bought at Asos. I like outfits that are not all too serious, and I think the contrast between the tough jacket and shoes (Argo boots by Topshop) and the shimmering dress is really quite fun.

Lastly, the lipstick! I just can't stop myself. This is the fabulous Violetta Amplified by MAC, topped off with lots of purple lipgloss, also by Mac. I've been doing a lot of vibrant lipstick looks recently so I think it's time for some funky eye make-up next!

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