Bring on the lace(-ups)

DSC_0152 (2).JPG

I wore this outfit just yesterday, before it got super cold – how lucky, since it is now way too chilly to wear lace tights like these from Accessorize. Generally though, I think that a pair of lace or patterned tights is great to mix up your daytime look, as they can really transform an outfit.

Normally, I like contrasting items for a bit more interest (e.g. chunky boots with a feminine flouncy skirt or a leather jacket with an elegant dress). For this look, I chose to go with the headmistress vibe and paired the tights with Victorian lace-up boots and a sheer blouse. Call me crazy, but I find that whole Victorian thing incredibly cool. These boots are actually a vintage pair meant for stage performances - another great eBay find (and a bargain at that).

Oh and did I mention that this blouse rules! I'm really into the Japanese-style flower pattern and the sheer material. It's a regular buttoned up shirt but I'm wearing it with a knot in the front as you can see it done everywhere right now. If you're looking for a similar style, have a look at vintage clothing markets - that's where I found mine.

The look is topped off with my trusty leather jacket, sky blue opaque nail polish by Rimmel (shade 860 Bestival Blue) and a slick of the quite probably best ever red lipstick made by man, Ruby Woo by MAC.

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