The most impractical trend in the world: glitter lips

Wearing bright lipstick generally requires a bit of faff and re-aplication, but this trend really is the least handy you could think of. The combination of lipgloss and loose glitter particles makes for a sticky combination that is anything but practical. However, look at how it sparkles! Who cares if it isn't practical!

I believe one of the trailblazers for this trend was make-up artist Pat McGrath with her lipstick/glitter kit Lust 004 (there is a great review of it here). Sadly, it's been sold out for weeks, but luckily you can emulate this look easily with many other products. I found a great little glitter lip kit at Topshop recently, available here (I especially love the bright red shade!)

So, how does it work? Very easy: just moisturise lips with lip balm, fill out with lipliner and/or lipstick, top it off with lots of gloss and finally dab on loose glitter particles with a lip brush. I used MUA lipstick in Tulip, followed by Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mangoes Wild and Barry M Glitter Dust 240. A great option for loose glitter particles are theatrical make-up shops, but I also found amazing metallic shades at MAC and Nyx.


A glitter lip definitely comes with its own set of rules: absolutely no kissing, drink through a straw, don't touch your mouth, and don't even think about wearing this if your lips are really dry. Very low maintenance, then! Well, it's certainly a commitment, but then again, so is straightened hair on a rainy day, platinum blonde hair or a spray tan. I happen to think it's fabulous so I will definitely be sporting this look when I next go out – as long as I don't have bottled beer, everything should be alright!

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