Shine like a lizard

I don't know if you remember, but there was a big craze a few years back when everyone wanted to buy shiny, neon-coloured leggings from American Apparel. Sadly, I never managed to get my mittens on a pair myself, as they were pricey and I was trying to be a pennywise student at that time.


Thus, you can imagine my joy when I found this pair in a second-hand shop (it's not from American Apparel, but equally satisfying). It has the coolest colour – a metallic blue-green that makes me think of Caribbean cocktails and iridescent reptiles – if you've ever seen a green lizard, you know what I'm talking about. Also, this is the best outfit for an overcast day: the colour really pops and stands out in a sea of blue jeans and grey coats.

I was feeling so chuffed with my reptile green leggings that I decided to stick to the theme by pairing them with an equally saurian textured skirt in silver-grey by Banana Republic and a grey knitted sweater by Warehouse. And as if this lizard look wasn't shiny enough yet, I topped it off with two silver necklaces.

I admit it's a strange inspiration – I certainly wasn't planning to dress like a reptile, but I am unexpectedly into it. The metallic leggings are quite attention-grabbing and make for a funky look. At the same time, this outfit wouldn't look out of place in the office since the green is muted by the grey skirt and jumper. Certainly less plain than a common trouser suit, don't you think?

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