How I will wear florals this spring

Sometimes, you just want to be a little bit exuberant. It's all very well wearing cool, straight and minimalist looks for a sleek entrance, but there is something to be said for the occasional dash of romantic flowers.

Pretty much any decade has seen floral patterns in all sorts of shapes and sizes, be it tea dresses with ditzy flowers in the 50s, psychedelic flower prints in the 60s or kitsch fake flower embellishments in the 90s. It's no surprise then that florals are yet again seen on every catwalk, and I love them because you have so many options to choose from: dainty, Japanese-style cherry blossom prints, joyful sunflower patterns, large-scale dreamy roses or faded vintage blossoms. Whichever version you go for, your outfit will certainly brighten up any drab day.

If you are not sure where to start, let me share with you how I will wear florals this spring!

Floral embroidery

I have always been obsessed with embroidery – ever since I had to learn how to do the cross stitch in primary school, I have a serious appreciation for the silky threads and raised texture of needlework embellishments. I think it's the three-dimensional appeal and the gorgeous sheen they so often have. Just look at this gem of an embroidered sweatshirt in the picture below! It makes me think of oriental wall hangings and is just oh-so-pretty.


If you want to get in on this trend, you are really spoilt for choice at the moment – there are so many floral embroidered tops and dresses in the shops right now. I like to choose one elaborate piece and let it stand out by pairing it with otherwise plain items, but go crazy if you want to! The "more is more" look is so hot right now, you might as well combine several floral pieces for a petal overkill.

The stand-out dress

I admit it: I have occasionally watched the TV show Gossip Gir in its prime time. Not much came out of that in terms of intellectual stimulation, but it was worth it alone for seeing Serena van der Woodsen wear a truly breathtaking yellow Ralph Lauren bridesmaid dress with a vintage flower print (see what I mean here). Ever since, I am a huge fan of floral frilly maxi dresses which wouldn't look out of place at Coachella festival. I would choose a version with loads of tiers and ruffles – go big or go home! Pair with tousled hair and open toe sandals.

The floral headdress

Speaking of festivals, one of my favourite ways to wear florals is on my head. For some reason, most girls feel very comfortable wearing a faux flower headband at a music festival, but you don't see them much in the street. I think that's a real shame – they make every girl look really radiant, even if they are made from fake flowers. You can find some great options at Claire's Accessories right now. Slightly less extravagant is a headband made from floral fabric – a prime example is this one by Gucci (at an equally extravagant price, naturally). I love how this kind of style brings a beautiful retro vibe to your outfit in seconds. I like these so much I might even do a whole blog post on them soon!

What I wore: Floral embroidered sweatshirt by Topshop, maxi dress by H&M, ankle boots by Vagabond

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