Haglöfs – an ecoconscious brand

It's no secret that I love vintage and second-hand fashion, primarily because you can find unique pieces from days gone by and designer treasures at a fraction of the retail price.

However, that's not the only reason. I also appreciate the fact that whenever you buy a pre-loved item, you save it from landfill and encourage a considered approach to consumption.

After all, clothes, shoes and accessories are not only inspiring, transformative and beautiful, but can also be destructive, endangering and harmful to the environment if produced for a mass market. That's why I like brands such as People Tree and Reformation who consciously endeavour to be "green" and sustainable – and I always perk up when I stumble upon a label that cares about the environment. This actually happened recently in my day job when I translated web content for Haglöfs, a Swedish outdoor brand which really goes out of its way to be sustainable (no mean feat for an outdoor label in particular where the focus on performance leads to the use of fluorocarbons and other nasties).

You can read everything about Haglöfs' sustainability initiatives here – they range from a commitment to phase out all use of fluorocarbon based water repellent coatings over the conscious decision to reduce chemical content, limit the spread of micro-plastics and use traceable down to a sustainable design process and recycling initiatives (and so much more!). I am not being sponsored for this content and have no affiliation with the brand, but I was so inspired by their whole philosophy that I felt compelled to write this post. Plus, their products are actually very functional and don't only come in boring outdoor colours!

It's so tempting to just buy a cheap pair of trainers that doesn't see the end of the season or to get blinded by high-performance features of outdoor garments that are often achieved by using harmful chemicals, but sometimes it's worth spending a few more pennies on brands that take sustainability seriously. Especially if their jackets also come in pink.

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