Bring back the brooches!

You may have noticed that I buy a lot of clothing and accessories at car boot sales and on eBay. During a recent shopping sprawl at the car boot sale in Battersea, my attention was drawn to a stall with countless costume jewellery brooches, and I noticed that hardly anybody (who isn't royalty or some kind of wealthy ambassador's wife) wears this decorative accessory any more.

Jacket by Falmer Heritage, vintage brooch (get a similar one here)

For me, brooches always had great appeal – they are so easy to affix, they can transform any outfit in an instant, and they come in wonderfully kitsch styles like the deer one below. Plus, they are not restricted to being worn on your lapel either – you could pin them onto a handbag or even a pair of jeans like in the images below:

Greta bag by Accessorize, vintage brooch

Jamie jeans by Topshop, vintage brooch (available here)

Alternatively, you could use a brooch to cover the top button of a buttoned-up shirt (right between the points of the collar), or you could decorate the pocket flaps on a jacket.

If you fancy a trip down to Tiffany's, go ahead. However, I suggest you trawl some vintage shops and markets, as that's where you will find real gems. Choose costume jewellery pieces if you're on a budget, or go for fine jewellery if you are happy to spend a bit more. I personally love cameo brooches or pieces made from unusual materials such as porcelain (like the flower brooch in the picture above).

I'd be curious to know – how would YOU wear your brooch?

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