Preppy please

I really have a thing for men's dress shoes. With their polished leather and fancy lacing, they just look so ... proper. I have always envied men for being able to round off their slick suits with a nice pair of classic Derby or Oxford shoes. Luckily, women have the next best thing: brogues. I think sometimes it can be a bit tricky to style them – do you go for a full-on masculine look, e.g. with a tailored blazer or shirt, or do you clash the shoes with a dainty lace dress, florals or something similarly soft?

For this outfit, I decided to go with option three: the preppy look (hence the glasses!). What I like about this ensemble is the combination of smart brogues (these ones are from Asos) and neat woolen jumper. I think it's just the right side of prim, and the colourful dots inject a bit of fun so it's not all too serious.

The simple black A-line skirt finishes the outfit off and lets the jumper shine. I chose one made from velvet since it's hard to escape this season (by American Apparel).

If you are thinking school uniform by now, fear not: I topped the look off with a bit of red lippy (the fabulous shade "Military Red" by Burberry) to tie it all together.

Oh, and I put my hair in a little chignon because it's, well... preppy.

Cocktail hour for the puffa jacket

Neon flamingo