Neon flamingo

What's not to like about pink? I know it's not for everyone, but I've never had a problem with a healthy dose of Barbie style. This pink skirt from Missguided is definitely not for the fainthearted – it basically screams neon crazy flamingo. I happen to like flamingos, so no problems there. And because one pink item isn't enough, I put on this lovely soft sweater from Cooperative by Urban Outfitters. I really like its cropped, boxy shape and the chunky knit structure. They had it in other colours as well, but I just had to go for the pink one, naturally!

To avoid going to saccharin sweet, I put on my trusted Chelsea boots from Vagabond and a slightly darker lipstick. It's a really beautiful berry shade actually which goes quite well with the recent 90s and 80s fashion – 477 Black Cherry by Revlon. I wear it a lot because it has a really nice creamy texture.

Preppy please

Beach o'clock