Space raver

I was quite inspired recently by all the metallic on the runway. I love everything that sparkles, so it's no surprise that these tin-man style ankle boots sprung to my attention. Admittedly, a shiny silver shoe does have a whiff of 90s trashiness... is it wrong that I kind of like that? Heck, I even went for the full space raver look and added a dose of fur (faux fur, naturally). Both items together make for a trashtastic combo that definitely brightened up this winter day. To avoid it going too freaky, I rounded the outfit off with a simple grey dress from Sparkle & Fade and some opaque black tights. Plus simple make up for this one, since I wasn't ACTUALLY going raving that day.

The coat is from River Island, bought a few years back, and the silver ankle boots where a find from eBay - get them here.

Beach o'clock

Bring on the lace(-ups)